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Report – A Visit to meet to the Anti-Posco Members at Gobindapur

Anti-posco protest is continuing ever since the MoU signed between State Govt.of Odisha and Posco India. The local people of proposed posco area are strongly protesting to its establishment of steel plant. However, land acquisition is being carried out against the wish of the people. There was a considerable period of silence in the process of land acquiring, but on 3rd Feb’2013, the district administration of Jagatsingpur has wake up again to do the same, especially making forceful entry into the area of protest for acquiring land for the posco steel project.

The villagers of  Gobindapur,Patna and  Dhenkia, the children, men and women are agitating peacefully against the process and preventing police force to get into the centre. On the other side Mr.Abhay Sahu, president of Posco Protiradha Sangram Samite is on hunger – strike demanding permanent withdrawal of police force from the spot and no further land acquisition.

Being aware of the fact, we both Sudhakar Senapati and Bibhu.P Chhualsingh of hrln, Cuttack went to the spot village on 5th Feb’2013 with a  purpose to gather information, to interact, to extend legal assistance as well as to show our solidarity with the protesters,  As we arrived at the entry of village Gobindapur, we could witness road blockade and  commotion/ slogans of the anti-posco locality against police force and district administration  the collector and the S.P of Jagatsinghpur who were present there and detained by the hundreds of protesters. Both the entry passage of the road was obstructed. The children were in forefront of blockade, preventing police force to proceed ahead. The situation was so tensed that there was pull ad push between both the groups. 

However, we managed to get through the crowd and went to meet Abhay Sahu, who was seating on hunger- strike. Thereafter we tried to interact with the protesters but couldn’t do so, owing to unrest situation at the spot. One side the district administration with police force trying to move forward to  village Dhenkia to acquire land and on the other side hundreds of agitators, children, women and men on the road. Withdrawal of police force from spot and to stop dismantling of betel vine yards was the demand of the people. It is obvious that the villagers don’t want to give away their land, the source of livelihood for the company and to be displaced, for which they have been fighting the cause for the last seven years.

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