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Communal Riots in Muzaffar Nagar, UP – ANHAD versus State of Uttar Pradesh & Union of India & Others

Writ Petition (CRL.)  181 of 2013

Public Interest Litigation was filed under Article 32 of the Constitution of India by the petitioner after several reputed organizations carried out fact-findings into the communal attacks that took place mainly in the districts of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli,  Meerut and Saharanpur in the State of Uttar Pradesh from 27.8.13 continued in a sporadic and diminished way even till today, in which as per official report 52 people has been killed another 150 injured, hundreds of houses ransacked, looted and burned and dozens of religious places were damaged, whereas the unofficial report is much higher than the official report of casualty.

The testimonies of the victims from the camps reveal that, these victims gave not only a graphic account of the attacks but they also gave the names of the assailants. The list of the accused persons as per the FIR’s lodged at various police stations which contains names of the persons whom the victims have identified as their assailants in the various reports and fact findings referred to in this petition. It is shocking that in police station Fugana, district Muzaffarnagar 55 accused person have been clearly identified by the victims and eye- witnesses and only 17 accused persons have been arrested so far. The number of FIR registered in Police station is 6.   Read More

Annexures in Writ Petition (CRL.) 181 of 2013 – Communal Riots in Muzaffar Nagar, UP


Government Reply/Report in Writ Petition (CRL.) 181 of 2013 – Communal Riots in Muzaffar Nagar, UP

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SC says UP government was negligent in preventing Muzaffarnagar riots

Open Letter for specter of communalism in UP

The Written Submission given by Colin Gonsalves Senior advocate appearing on behalf of the Petitioner



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